6 Reasons to Go Pixel 2 Over the iPhone X

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the past month we’ve seen two amazing smartphones hit the market the pixel 2 – from Google and the iPhone X from Apple it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the original pixel 2 phone and if and when I do decide to upgrade it’s likely going to be the pixel 2 – and here are six reasons why you should consider doing the same

First and foremost is the Cost

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let’s face it the iPhone X is expensive the cheapest version of the phone will cost a whopping $1,000 the pixel 2 on the
other hand starts at 650 bucks the same price as last year’s phone and 850 for the Excel model
not to mention Google will throw in a free Google home Mini with your purchase of a pixel 2 to laugh all you want at Apple’s ridiculous price tag the real joke is on us because it’s only going to
get easier for other smartphone companies to raise their prices as well and that includes Google in the meantime you’ll be able to get a phone that is just as good if not better than the iPhone X for a cheaper price enjoy it while you can

The Fingerprint Scanner

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Google and several other smartphone manufacturers have nailed the fingerprint scanner as of late the pixel 2 keeps the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone where your index finger naturally falls you can pick up your phone and without even realizing it you’ve unlocked your phone this isn’t a knock on apples face ID technology while the facial recognition security is nothing new for many Android smartphones it hasn’t exactly been polished while I’m sure the face ID technology on the iPhone X is going to improve on that I could write an entire article of situations where your face ID login is going to be a huge inconvenience let me know in the comments if you’d like to read that article why not at least provide a sensor on the back of the phone it’s almost like Apple
didn’t do it out of spite regardless of the pixel 2 – you’ll be logged in before the phone reaches your face while your iPhone buddies will look ridiculous trying to unlock their phone

Front-Facing Speakers

Pixel 2 front facing speakers- Newsoly

whether it’s taking conference calls listening to music or watching videos on YouTube people want good sound on their phones and front-facing speaker were a big request both the pixel to and a pixel xl versions feature dual front-facing speakers so your sound is going to be awesome a bonus feature for you lovers of music is that your phone
will also be able to listen for songs if you’re sitting at a bar with friends and a song comes on that you like you don’t need to ask your phone what song is playing it will automatically display at the bottom of your lock screen creepy but that’s still pretty cool

Virtual Reality


while both the pixel 2 and iPhone X have built-in augmented reality only the pixel 2 is built with virtual reality in mind Google has updated its daydream view VR headset this year with a number of improvements and of course it was built around the pixel 2 so VR is something you enjoy or want to enjoy
that’s yet another reason to go pixel 2



Apple spends a lot of money convincing you that if you are serious about taking beautiful photos you have to use an iPhone and that simply isn’t the case last year the pixel 2 outperformed the iPhone 7 plus and if you don’t, believe me, I encourage you to take a very well-done blind test that mkbhd had put together don’t get me wrong the iPhone X has an awesome camera but Google simply knows how to build a better one on paper the pixel 2 features a more powerful camera than the iPhone X and combining that with Google’s sophisticated camera software Google is prepared to defend its crown for best camera on a smartphone heading into 2018, in fact, the pixel 2 has already taken the lead with a DxOmark score of 98 the highest score any smartphone camera has ever received did
I mention that all pixel 2 users get free unlimited cloud storage for all of their photos and videos running out of storage and your phone is so 2015 unless you use an iPhone then it’s still so 2017

Quick Charge
pixel-2-quick-charge Image from Gadget360
Image from Gadget360

building on the original pixel the pixel 2 has new and improved quick charge yes the iPhone X does now have the ability to do the same Apple says you’ll be able to get a 50% charge in just 30 minutes what they didn’t tell you is to take advantage of that feature you’ll need to be prepared to fork out some additional cash as Lou from unboxing therapy points out the iPhone X will not ship with the necessary equipment to support quick charge you’ll need to spend at least $70 on additional equipment to accomplish that the pixel 2, however, touts a 75%
charge in just 15 minutes the best part the necessary cables to use quick charger shipped in the box with your phone so there you have it I want to know what you think about these two phones let me know your thoughts in the comment section I’ll be uploading new articles every day


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