10 Proven Green Tea Benefits


There are lots of “Green Tea benefits” like green tea helps in weight loss and it offers many Health benefits. it’s also beneficial for skin problems it keeps skin healthy and you don’t know why it’s high cancer prevention agent content. today I’m gonna share top 10 proven Green Tea Benefits for men and women both!

let’s get start, shall we?

I figured there must be more to make this drink very important, especially in Asian societies, so I chose to do some research on it which includes improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other incredible benefits lets find out more.

1. Green Tea benefits for Hair Problems

Hair loss prevent with - green tea benefits

The very first and major “Green Tea benefits” is Green tea is pressed with high cancer prevention agents that reduce the male pattern baldness and it can help you in hair re-development, it is also useful into preventing you from hair loss.

The polyphenol catechins in Green Tea help piece DHT, which is the key factor for male pattern baldness. Besides, it has a part known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which improves hair development by refreshing hair cells. Drink some green tea every day to avoid male pattern baldness and likely help you in hair re-development.

 wash your hair with it and afterward rinse your hair with water following 10 minutes. Do this a couple of times each week for no less than a couple of months. It will help to reduce issues like dandruff and dry scalp.

2. It Improves Brain Health

yes ! you have heard right it helps to improve brain health, Our brain require solid veins to work properly. As per a Swiss report,

individuals who drink it frequently have more rough action in the working-memory region of their brains.

It helps to boost your memory and prevent you from disease, there are some more green tea benefits and nothing wrong with drinking some of it every day.

3. Reduces Cholesterol Levels

Reduces Cholesterol Levels with green tea benefits
Green tea helps you in controlling your cholesterol level by reducing bad cholesterol level Another one is, it can decrease bad cholesterol in the blood and enhance the balance of good cholesterol level

it brings down the level of low-thickness lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, which is the “bad” cholesterol.

In the meantime. it helps raise the level of high-thickness lipoprotein (HDL), which is viewed as “great” cholesterol.
There are mixes in green tea benefits that help your body to blocks the absorption of bad cholesterol in the stomach which will help you to reduce belly fat.

it keeps the veins clean by keeping the oxidization of LDL, which can cause plaque development and reduce the danger of stroke.

3. Kill Bacteria And Detoxify Your Body

Kill Bacteria And Detoxify Your Body with green tea (green tea benefits)
it can do more than just protecting against disease, and keeps your skin healthy and helps your body to fight against aging problems, however, Some studies have proofs that it can kill bacteria and control infections, which can lower your risk of increasing infections.

Additional researches show how it can even fight against bad breath, by removing the bacteria that causes the problem of bad breath, some of the green tea comes in mint flavour which will fresh up your mouth and helps you in controlling bad breath mint is the option for get rid of from bad breath and keeps your mouth fresh.

4. Help You Live Longer

live longer with green tea - green tea benefits
by knowing all the facts and benefits of green tea I don’t think there is more I need to explain. it contains lots of health benefits for keeping you younger and helping you with living a longer life

here is some more you need to know about green tea

Given by the past data which shows how it bring down the danger of various growths and infections, it directly affects death risk.

An analysis led on 40,530 Japanese mature proved that the people who took the green tea, around at least five cups for every day,  in an 11-year lifespan than the individuals who did not. below are the data which shows improvements after drinking green tea


Passing from disease% in Ladies% in Men
all causes of passing25% lower in ladies12% lower in men
Passing from cardiovascular infection 31% lower in ladies22% lower in men
Passing from Stroke42% lower in ladies35% lower in men


Another study guided to 14,001 elderly Japanese individuals between the ages of 65-84 years found that the people who drank the green tea were 76% loather between the final time of six years.

5. Helps Maintain Body Weight

Helps Maintain Body Weight - green tea benefits
green tea also a great source of weight loss mostly for reducing belly fat A few types of research have proved that some of the green tea benefits can decrease fat, especially in the stomach zone. It can basically reduce muscle versus fat ratio, body weight, and the stomach side.

Moreover, the catechins in it help build warm inside the human body, which uses extra calories. The polyphenol in green tea tries to strengthen levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body transforms food into calories.

Studies show that the blend of caffeine and different mixes in the tea seems to support digestion, light calories and break fat.

6. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

green tea helps to maintain blood suger level - green tea benefits
Green tea additionally keeps glucose levels stable in your body. The mixes of polyphenols and polysaccharides in green tea can be helpful for diabetes. it can boost insulin production in the pancreas, and it helps to manage glucose levels in your body.

It can decreases the constant glucose spikes that create problems in the eyes, heart, and kidneys. it is excellent opposed to other things that a diabetic person may not add into his or her eating.

7. Green Tea Can Lower Your Cancer Risk

fight against cancer with green tea - green tea benefits
A research discovers that women who took the green tea had a 23% lower risk of having breast tumor.

its the most widely seen growth in women. Another study notice that men who drink green tea had a 48% lower danger of producing prostate malignancy, which is the most widely seen growth in men.

An research of 60,710 Chinese ladies found that the people who were drinking green tea had a 57% lower danger of having the colorectal disease.

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8. Fights Against Aging

The cancer prevention agents, particularly those known as polyphenols, in green tea help shield the skin from harmful free radicals.

Truth be told, polyphenols enable battle against different signs of maturing, to advance lifespan, and treat skin infections.

This is one reason green tea is utilizing as a part of a large group of excellence items.

Studies have shown that green tea connected topically can likewise decrease sun harm. Moreover, green tea helps battle against skin malignancy.

10. Keeps Bones Strong

keep bones strong - green tea benefits

The high fluoride content in it keeps your bone quality up. Like having it is similar to a lower danger of bone breaks.

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Given the majority of the data above. about Green Tea Benefits, it surely couldn’t hurt to begin drinking it.
Here’s to you!
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